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Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Folsom and Stockton

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Embraces Your Cultural Identity

Dr. Mabourakh helps patients celebrate their culturally distinct nose features with ethnic rhinoplasty. This highly specialized procedure requires years of advanced training and experience to master. Dr. Mabourakh takes time to understand each patient’s perception of beauty and develops a surgical plan that accommodates their ethnic background to provide results that preserve inherited traits and improve cosmetic concerns.

Ethnic rhinoplasty outcomes create a harmonious appearance that balances other facial features, including eye shape, forehead, cheeks, and mouth. These results are unique to the patient’s heritage and goals.

Candidates for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is most appropriate for non-Caucasian patients, including men and women of Middle Eastern, Latino, Asian, African, and mixed-race heritage. Dr. Mabourakh will discuss your cosmetic goals and evaluate your facial anatomy and genetic characteristics to determine if ethnic rhinoplasty is a good fit for your needs and desired results. Patients must have complete facial growth before rhinoplasty, which often happens in the later teenage years, around 16. Candidates should be nonsmokers in good overall health to qualify for facial plastic surgery.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

The nose is shaped from bone and cartilage underneath the skin tissue. When these elements are off balance with the rest of the face, patients may feel their nose appears too broad, flat, narrow, bumpy, or bulbous. The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure adjusts one or more aspects of the nose and is customized to your needs. Typically, nose surgery takes about one to three hours to complete using various techniques that enhance the nasal structures and address cultural-specific issues.

Some of the standard adjustments made during ethnic rhinoplasty include adding definition to the nasal tip, reducing the width or size of the nostrils, smoothing bumps on the bridge, and adding cartilage for a more aesthetically pleasing nose shape that maintains your inherited traits. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires special attention to detail to reach the desired results.


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Nose Augmentation

Ethnic rhinoplasty Stockton, California Nose augmentation is a common surgical approach for ethnic rhinoplasty. This method creates subtle changes in the definition and angle of the nose to balance it with other facial features. That may involve enhancing the nose definition where the nostrils meet the nasal bridge or softening these lines to create the appearance of a narrower tip. Nose augmentation can rotate the nasal tip to point down or up to shorten or increase the distance from the upper lip. These small changes alter how the nose sticks out from the face and can improve the appearance of a prominent nasal bridge.

Nose Reduction

Nose reduction decreases the physical size of the nose by removing cartilage and bone from the nasal structures. This technique reduces protruding features and allows the nose to rest closer to the face. Nose reduction is more common among Middle Eastern patients.

Increased Nose Projection

This approach to ethnic rhinoplasty is often used for patients of African, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander heritages. The procedure enlarges the nose using grafted cartilage tissue from the patient’s nasal septum or ribs to increase flatter areas of the nose for improved projection. The nose sticks farther out from the face with a narrower, more elegant, and balanced appearance.

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Dr. Mabourakh works closely with his rhinoplasty patients to reach beautiful outcomes that improve your cosmetic concerns and maintain your ethnic attributes. He has helped patients of many different races achieve a more harmonious facial appearance with nose surgery.

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