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What Our Patients Have to Say:

I had my rhinoplasty done at Folsom Plastic Surgery Center by Dr. Mabourakh and it literally changed my life. I have hated my nose for as long as I can remember and finally the time came when I decided to just do it already. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best decision I have ever made!

I went to other surgeons before making my final decision (because everyone says to get more than 1 opinion) and after I had my consultation with Dr. Mabourakh I knew he was the one and I booked the surgery. He will answer all of your questions (I had a list), but he is very concise, to the point, and realistic about expectations.

Dr. Mabourakh is board certified which was very important to me, has many certifications and has been in the medical field for more years than I have been alive. I also have to mention another important aspect is that his ENTIRE staff is amazing.

From the front desk, to the patient care coordinators, the nurses and even the anesthesiologist was awesome. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and at ease, especially on surgery day when I was extremely nervous. I felt like I had a whole crew cheering me on. They are so great. Even now post-operatively if I have a question they are all still super helpful and happy to assist me. I appreciate them all so much.

On to the actual surgery. Surgery itself was a breeze.

Recovery–also a breeze. Absolutely NO pain after surgery. He prescribed me a stronger pain medication that I never needed to take and all I took was Tylenol for a mild, dull headache but only for a few days. Also, I had no bruising! All that I got was a little redness under my eyes that went away within a week (I just looked like I had tired under eyes).

But let’s talk about my results. I’m not even a full 2 weeks out from my surgery and my nose already looks incredible, as it takes up to one year for full results and swelling to subside. I went from having a very long nose with a hump on the bridge, to a small and straight nose that actually fits my small-framed face. I’m in love with the results and the swelling will continue to go down, but like I said it takes a full year for the final results. I am just so happy with my results already and encourage anyone contemplating a rhinoplasty to at least have a consultation with Dr. Mabourakh to see the 3D imaging of what your nose could possibly look like. I would honestly not have wanted anyone else to do this surgery. He is a perfectionist and his work shows it.

Just a friendly tip, please remember that when you are choosing a surgeon you should be choosing them based on their experience, patient outcomes, board certifications, etc, (which is why I chose Dr. Mabourakh) and not based on whether or not they are going to be your best friend and joke and laugh with you or how big of a presence they have on social media. Do your research and ask as many questions as you need.

I’m so happy with my results and the whole experience and I can’t thank Dr. Mabourakh and everyone at Folsom Plastic Surgery Center enough!!!

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mabourakh and his staff for any cosmetic procedures and would strongly suggest using their expertise! You will be treated with respect, compassion and will be in VERY qualified hands! Thanks to all for making this a great experience!”

— S.
“Hello Dr. Mabourakh and staff. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job that you and your staff did for me. I am so happy with my new body. It feels so good to walk into a clothing store and know that I can fit any shirt I want to try on. It has been many years since that has happened.”
— B.P.
“The staff is very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel as though your wellbeing is personal, not just “any patient”, you are “theirpatient’
— H.

“It was a positive experience and things went better than I ever expected. I healed very well and very quickly. I bruise very easily and was shocked to see that my breasts weren’t bruised at all”

— J.
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