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How Threadlifting Can Improve Your Facial Contours

Posted October 10, 2023 in threadlifting

As time passes, the skin naturally begins to lose its firmness due to reduced collagen production. This is often when stubborn wrinkles, lax skin, bothersome fine lines, and unflattering folds begin to make their appearance. It can be easy to look in the mirror and wish for a more youthful, lifted face. Threadlifting at Folsom […]

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Achieve Blemish-Free Skin with Chemical Peel

Posted September 11, 2023 in Chemical Peel

Environment, aging, and certain lifestyle factors can contribute to the appearance of the skin. Many individuals find that they are unhappy with the textured, spotty, or uneven appearance of their faces and are seeking a solution that results in a blemish-free look. Chemical peels at Folsom Plastic Surgery are an effective treatment that offers noticeable […]

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Rejuvenate the Skin with a Hydrafacial

Posted August 11, 2023 in Hydrafacial

Beautiful skin is the end goal of many cosmetic treatments, and adequate moisture can often be the first step to a radiant, healthy complexion. HydraFacial® treatment can help reveal the hydrated, plumped skin you desire. At Folsom Plastic Surgery, the HydraFacial® addresses a number of skin concerns to help you achieve a natural glow. Ahead, […]

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Considering Tummy Tuck? Here’s What You Should Know

Posted July 12, 2023 in Tummy Tuck

Is your midsection flabby? Does it stubbornly protrude, despite your best efforts to exercise and eat healthily? Tummy tuck surgery could be right for you. This procedure improves waistlines, flattens the abdomen, and can provide a positive boost to your self-image. It is no wonder that this surgery is so popular. If you are considering […]

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What Is the Right Age for Breast Lift?

Posted June 12, 2023 in Breast Reduction

Lifted, beautifully contoured breasts are a flattering asset and one that is highly sought after among women whose breasts are not as perky as they would like. Lifestyle factors, such as weight loss, can play a role in the appearance of the breasts and could lead to sagging and loss of volume. Naturally, patients with […]

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