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Improve Your Jawline Definition With Neck Contouring and Liposuction

Posted January 13, 2023 in Liposuction

4 Minute Read: The neck often shows your age before your face, with sagging neck skin, wrinkles, neck bands and fat accumulation along the jawline and under the chin. Neck contouring restores the balance between your facial appearance, jawline and neck with liposuction and muscle tightening. Many men and women enjoy a firmer, smoother neck […]

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Lesser-Known Reasons to Seek Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted March 03, 2022 in Breast Surgery

4 Minute Read: Many women choose plastic surgery to increase the breast size of naturally small or deflated breasts (with breast augmentation) or reduce the size of heavy, cumbersome breasts (with breast reduction). However, breast enhancement surgery is more than just increasing or decreasing breast size. There are many other reasons both women and men […]

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