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Category: CoolSculpting®

Does Liposuction or CoolSculpting® Remove More Fat?

Posted January 27, 2021

4 Minute Read: Advancements in cosmetic surgery make it more and more possible for patients to get a satisfying, long-lasting reduction in body fat.  While surgical liposuction has long been the go-to treatment for those looking to eliminate localized pockets of unwanted fat, it is no longer the only option. CoolSculpting® is a highly effective […]

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Freeze Away Fat Before the Cold Weather Leaves

Posted February 14, 2018

With winter’s cold weather blasting through most of the country, you may be wondering if any good can come from “freezing” temperatures. And although your immediate answer may be no, you might be pleasantly surprised by the benefits a little cold can bring. What Is CoolSculpting®? CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment to rid you […]

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Freeze Your Fat Away Before Summer

Posted April 28, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of that flabby pooch in your lower abdomen or that annoying bulge over your bra strap, you may have found that those stubborn deposits of fat exist even when your body is at its fittest. So many men and women try to “spot reduce” with exercises that target […]

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5 Low-Risk Procedures With Fast Results For Men and Women

Posted March 22, 2017

If you are looking for fast, effective improvement for your face and body without surgery and the associated recovery time, our non-surgical procedures will meet your needs. You can reduce wrinkles, banish stubborn fat, and perfect your skin without investing the time and money required for cosmetic surgery. Here are a few of the most […]

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