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Add Appealing Plumpness to Your Lips with These Cosmetic Solutions

Posted May 12, 2023 in Lip Augmentation

If there is one facial feature where plumpness is desired, it is the lips. A pout with the perfect amount of volume can completely change the appearance of the face by improving symmetry and creating a youthful facial profile. Whether you are looking to restore your previous lip size or want a new look, Dr. Mabourakh can help you reach your beauty goals.

Those that wish to add appealing plumpness to their lips can do so with a variety of treatments, explained below.

Lip Augmentation Folsom & Stockton

Lip Filler

Lip fillers are injections that are designed to add fullness to the lips. They consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. During this procedure, your Folsom Plastic Surgery expert will ensure your comfort by applying an anesthetic to the treatment area which numbs the lips to prevent pain during the procedure. After the numbing agent has begun working, a thin needle will inject the filler into your lips. This may include the edges of your lips, the curved top, and the corners. You may be given an ice pack to help limit swelling and bruising at the site before your new, fuller lips are revealed.

Fat Injections

This technique involves injecting your lips with fat taken from your own body. In general, fat injections add natural-looking volume to the lips. This procedure involves the use of liposuction, which removes excess fat from an area of your body. The fat is purified and then skillfully injected into the lips, giving you the plumpness you desire.

Lip Implant

This type of lip augmentation is great for those seeking long-lasting enhancement. Lip implants can help you achieve a consistent, natural appearance without having to attend regular injection sessions. Ahead of your procedure, Dr. Mabourakh discusses your long-term goals for enhancement and will help you decide if lip implants would meet your needs.

Lip Augmentation in Folsom

Achieving desirable lip plumpness can enhance your appearance while boosting your confidence. The time to achieve the lips you want is now. Because the choice to augment your lips is a personal one and requires the skill of an expert, you should only seek out an accomplished provider with the experience to deliver the results you desire. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mabourakh is dedicated to your satisfaction. Contact Dr. Mabourakh today for a personalized consultation and take one step closer to a more confident you.

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