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Considering Tummy Tuck? Here’s What You Should Know

Posted July 12, 2023 in Tummy Tuck

Is your midsection flabby? Does it stubbornly protrude, despite your best efforts to exercise and eat healthily? Tummy tuck surgery could be right for you. This procedure improves waistlines, flattens the abdomen, and can provide a positive boost to your self-image. It is no wonder that this surgery is so popular. If you are considering having a tummy tuck soon, there are a few things you should know. Continue reading to learn more.

Tummy tuck in Folsom

There Are Different Types of Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks can be performed a variety of ways. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Mabourakh may use one of the following techniques:

 Drainless tummy tuck: This technique appeals to patients that need or desire a great deal of correction to their midsections without drains. During this procedure, stretched abdominal muscles are tightened and excess fat, skin and tissue in the abdomen are removed.  Recovery is easier, there is less risk, and it produces better results. Ask Dr. Mabourakh how this procedure is performed.

Mini tummy tuck: Mini tummy tuck surgery focuses on improving the abdominal area below the navel. This procedure is great for those that wish to improve the look of a protruding lower abdomen.

Tummy Tucks Are Great After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

Pregnancy and weight loss can both have a significant impact on the abdomen, often resulting in stretched, weakened abdominal muscles and sagging skin. Tummy tuck surgery is excellent for restoring your pre-pregnancy midsection and contributing to a more proportional figure.

Tummy Tuck Is Not a Weight Loss Surgery

Although tummy tuck surgery involves fat removal and can make you appear to have lost weight, it is not a weight loss surgery. Instead, you can expect a more defined waist and a slimmed-down abdominal appearance.

Tummy Tuck Is Not Just Fat Removal

During a tummy tuck, not only are fat and skin removed but the weak, damaged, and stretched abdominal muscles in the abdomen are strengthened. This helps you see a more sculpted, contoured waistline.

Keeping A Stable Weight Is Important

Weight fluctuations, including pregnancy-related weight gain, can damage your abdominal muscles. This is true even if you have previously had tummy tuck surgery. This procedure helps you achieve a beautiful waistline, but major changes in your weight can compromise your results. If you are considering getting pregnant after your tummy tuck surgery, discuss this with Dr. Mabourakh, who may recommend you postpone surgical plans until you can maintain a stable weight.

Your Choice of Surgeon Makes All The Difference

When it comes to your tummy tuck, you want to make sure you are in the best hands. Dr. Mabourakh is a board certified plastic surgeon who has a reputation for providing patients with the results they desire. To schedule your tummy tuck consultation, call our office today.

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