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Achieve Blemish-Free Skin with Chemical Peel

Posted September 11, 2023 in Chemical Peel

Environment, aging, and certain lifestyle factors can contribute to the appearance of the skin. Many individuals find that they are unhappy with the textured, spotty, or uneven appearance of their faces and are seeking a solution that results in a blemish-free look. Chemical peels at Folsom Plastic Surgery are an effective treatment that offers noticeable skin improvement. Learn more about how chemical peels can help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Chemical peel in Stockton

Customizable Skin Rejuvenating Procedure

Chemical peels offer patients the ability to experience a customized rejuvenating treatment that addresses skin issues such as uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes left behind from acne. Each chemical peel consists of a solution that is designed to resurface the skin based on your unique skin concern. Chemical peels come in three primary strengths:

Light chemical peels: Also called superficial peels, light peels effectively remove the outer layer of the skin to treat fine lines, stubborn acne, and blotchy skin. Light peels can be performed at regular intervals to enhance your results.

Medium chemical peel: Medium peels offer a deeper rejuvenation of the skin, reaching the upper portion of the middle layer of the skin. Wrinkles and old scars from acne can be effectively treated with this type of peel.

Deep chemical peels: This type of peel offers a deeper rejuvenation resulting in smooth skin, enhanced complexion, and a reduction in deep wrinkles and lines.

Erase Blemishes

 Acne scars: For those who have suffered from acne, the issue is not always over when the acne finally goes away. In many cases, stubborn acne scars can remain and are often difficult to treat. Chemical peels can provide noticeable improvement of acne blemishes, leaving the skin with a fresh and clear appearance.

Uneven skin: The deep exfoliating effect of chemical peels can help fade discoloration, allowing healthy and even skin to be revealed in its place. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation from UV exposure can also be effectively treated with chemical peels.

Boost Your Skincare Regimen

When the skin has been thoroughly resurfaced, your regular skincare products, such as serums, creams, and essences, are able to be absorbed more effectively, allowing them to deliver their full benefit to your skin. Because of this, chemical peels tend to fit nicely into your overall skincare routine.

Chemical Peels at Folsom Plastic Surgery

Look as youthful and radiant as you feel with rejuvenating cosmetic treatments at Folsom Plastic Surgery. To schedule your chemical peel, contact our office today or book an appointment today.

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