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Why Should I Combine Cosmetic Procedures?

Posted January 22, 2018 in Combine Cosmetic Procedures

Woman body marked out for cosmetic surgeryMany patients consider cosmetic surgery because they are dissatisfied with some aspect of their appearance and would like to improve their face or body. Aging, genetics, pregnancy, and lifestyle changes are all motives for considering plastic surgery, and as everyone knows, aging doesn’t merely affect one area on the body or face. While specific areas may show signs of aging quicker than others, none are immune, and so it is rare that a patient seeking cosmetic help is only interested in a fixing a single issue. If you have multiple trouble areas you’d like to improve, combining procedures may be the most comfortable and rewarding way to achieve the features you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Combining Procedures

In addition to enhancing various areas at once, there are also practical benefits to combining procedures. Combining procedures means a single day of surgery, less chance of anesthesia-related complications, and a quicker total recovery time since all areas will be recovering together. Recovery from any surgery results in swelling, bruising, discomfort, or pain. If you are going to be experiencing those for one procedure, why not simultaneously experience that for another procedure you’ve combined rather than dealing with the discomfort again at a later time? Another practical reason to combine procedures is cost; combining procedures and undergoing a single surgery saves you from paying anesthesia costs and other fees more than once.

Commonly Combined Procedures

Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift Surgery

Eyelid surgery is designed to eliminate bags under the eyes and sagging in the upper eyelids. While eyelid surgery can open and brighten the eyes, you may not appear fully rejuvenated if you still have sagging eyebrows and forehead wrinkles. Conversely, rejuvenating your forehead and brows with a brow lift without addressing sagging eyelids can also detract from your results. When Dr. Mabourakh performs eyelid and brow lift surgery together, he can address all of these signs of aging in the upper face to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation with balanced, natural-looking results.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Breast augmentation uses implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts The main goal of this procedure is to increase the size of the breasts, but if a patient also experiences breast sagging (known as ptosis), it is highly recommended that a breast lift also be performed. Breast augmentation is not designed to lift the position of the breasts or the projection of the nipples the way a breast lift a does. If the breast skin is stretched or lax, implants may not sit as “perky” as desired in augmentation, so combining breast augmentation and breast lift into one surgery is common.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

While tummy tuck surgery will remove some amount of excess fat from the abdominal area, it may not be able to remove as much excess fat as you desire. Liposuction is commonly combined with tummy tuck surgery to target the stubborn pockets of fat that abdominoplasty leaves behind. Vice versa, liposuction does not address sagging skin, so patients with skin laxity who only undergo liposuction alone would not experience ideal results. Combining tummy tuck surgery and liposuction can result in a slimmer and shapelier torso.

Tummy Tuck and Breast Enhancement

Combining tummy tuck surgery and breast enhancement surgery is common after weight loss or when pregnancy and breastfeeding have left visible changes to a woman’s physique. If the breasts are in need of enhancement, whether from a lift, augmentation, or reduction, and the abdomen has excess tissue that creates a “pooch,” addressing only one of these areas and not the other can detract from your overall body image and balance. The combination of breast enhancement and tummy tuck procedures, commonly performed together in what is known as the Mommy Makeover, can help create your desired figure and comprehensive body rejuvenation.

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