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Dr. Mabourakh Performs a Mommy Makeover

Posted February 12, 2024 in Folsom Plastic Surgery Q&A

Hi, it’s Dr. Mabourakh from Folsom Plastic Surgery.

Today we have a patient with mommy makeover you’re going to see her pictures right now on the screen that shows how the breasts have actually dropped and there’s significant fullness of the abdomen, overhang, and you can see the fullness of the sides.

We had a video to discuss placement of implants. In her case, she has moderate ptosis, that is the breast has dropped. Therefore, in order to place the implants under the muscle, we need to form a lift. She did not want to have a lift, therefore the implants in her case were placed on top of the muscle and you can see that worked very well. The incision is underneath and implants are on top of the muscle. These are 410 CC silicone implants. if you have questions regarding placement underneath or on top, please check our video on that click here to see.

She also had a full abdominoplasty performed (a full tummy tuck) and notice there’s no drains. This was a no drain tummy tuck it makes recovery a lot easier and a lot less risk with better result. Incisions were extremely low, and the abdomen is now completely flat. So, we have tightened the muscles completely underneath as well as the excess skin is removed. This will be a full abdominoplasty with breast augmentation. Mommy Maker is a combination of whatever you decide to do, but in her case it was the combination of augmentation and the abdominoplasty. I hope that was helpful, if you have any questions please contact our office at Thank you for watching!

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