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Will my weight affect my surgery results

Posted February 21, 2024 in Folsom Plastic Surgery Q&A

Hi, it’s Dr. Mabourakh from Folsom Plastic Surgery. We have another question from a patient which I’d like to answer for you today.

What is the question this time? Our patient wants to know, “Will my weight affect my surgery results?” Well, absolutely. We always want to have the patient’s weight as stable as possible. We don’t want to really lose a lot or gain a lot after surgery.

But I think the patient’s question was the safety factor of weight. Weight alone by itself is not the indicator. What we use is an indication called BMI. BMI is a ratio of weight to height and we have a safety factor as anything else in medicine. So we’d like to keep patients. BMI below 30. 30 is a very safe number. For outpatient surgery, We can go up to 35. Once you start going above a BMI of 35, the risk factor continues to go up. And once you hit 40, it’s a really high risk factor to go through surgeries in the outpatient facilities.

Here at Folsom Plastic Surgery, we have our own fully accredited surgery center and we have to stay with the rules and guidelines of safety. So yes, my recommendation would be try to keep the patient’s BMI at 35 or below, and if it’s going to reach up to 40, we discuss other choices and what else we can do to reduce the risk.

So try to consider that BMI, which again is a ratio of height to weight, and you can easily find that out on Google if you just search for BMI and Google will show you how to calculate your own BMI. Well, I hope that was informative. If you have any questions please contact the office or you can check us out at our website at I hope that was informative. Thanks for watching.

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