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How Effective Is Fat Transfer?

Fat grafting is becoming an increasingly popular procedure because of its versatility and low risks. It is ideal especially for women who want more feminine contours or a more exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Fat is taken from areas where it is not wanted and injected into the face, butt, or breasts for augmentation or correction of a contouring deformity. With all the advantages of fat transfer, many speculate that the procedure is too good to be true and doubt its effectiveness.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photos

The truth is, the success of fat grafting depends on many different factors. For the procedure to be successful, the transferred fat must survive in the selected area. Fat is more likely to thrive in its new environment if it is handled very gently during liposuction, or the harvesting phase, of the procedure. In general, 75 to 80 percent of the fat injected during any fat transfer procedure will survive, while the rest will be harmlessly and naturally metabolized by the body. The surgical technique used, the surgeon’s experience performing the procedure, the patient not smoking, and the amount of fat injected will all influence the effectiveness of the procedure.

Areas of Fat Transfer


Fat transfer is most commonly used in the tear trough areas and face to add youthful volume by filling fine lines, wrinkles, and hollows in the cheeks. In some cases, the results of fat transfer to the face can be permanent or last for several years compared to facial filler products that last from six months to a year. Since a facelift will only tighten the muscles and skin of the face, fat transfer is often paired with facelift surgery to provide the most youthful results.


Fat transfer can also be used as a safer, more natural alternative to breast augmentation with implants. However, most patients will only increase one cup size with fat transfer breast augmentation due to limited space within the breasts. Injecting too much fat into the area would limit blood flow to the transferred fat, making it less likely to survive. Fat transfer breast augmentation is more commonly used in breast reconstruction procedures and works best in patients who have good skin elasticity and thickness. For patients who have sagging breasts, a surgical breast lift is the ideal choice.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transferred to the buttocks is known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is paired with liposuction. This procedure can completely reshape the butt into more attractive contours and add volume and projection in the areas that need it most. The fat is injected deep into the muscles and in the surrounding tissue layers to provide lasting results. This procedure has a very high satisfaction rate among patients.

Results with fat transfer are also highly dependent on the experience of the surgeon you choose. Dr. Mabourakh has many years of practice and is continuously improving his techniques of sculpting the face and body.

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