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Improve Your Jawline Definition With Neck Contouring and Liposuction

Posted January 13, 2023 in Liposuction

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The neck often shows your age before your face, with sagging neck skin, wrinkles, neck bands and fat accumulation along the jawline and under the chin. Neck contouring restores the balance between your facial appearance, jawline and neck with liposuction and muscle tightening. Many men and women enjoy a firmer, smoother neck with these procedures.

Neck contouring at Folsom Plastic Surgery is customized to your needs. Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon who fosters an honest and trusting doctor-patient relationship so you can make an informed decision to pursue your cosmetic goals. He will listen intently to your lower face and neck concerns and recommend a surgical approach to enhance your appearance. Someone with sagging skin will require a different surgical technique than someone with a full chin or muddled jawline.

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Neck Liposuction

Liposuction along the neck and submental area (beneath the chin) improves the jawline and neck by eliminating stubborn fat. Even people at a normal, healthy weight may struggle with a “double chin” due to submental fat that makes them appear larger or older.

Neck liposuction is most beneficial for those with good skin elasticity because the skin tissues must contract to the new neck and chin contour. It’s a short procedure that often requires local anesthesia, so you’re awake during the surgery but experience little to no discomfort. A small cannula (hollow tube) removes excess fat and sculpts the chin and neck. Neck liposuction results offer a more refined jawline and chin that improve your facial profile and deliver a slimmer appearance that balances the lower face and neck.

Muscle Tightening (Platysmaplasty)

The platysma muscle is a thin sheet that stretches from the lower face to your collarbones and enables movement in your lower face. Age tends to weaken these muscles and cause horizontal neck bands to appear. Platysmaplasty is a muscle-tightening procedure and type of neck lift that elevates and tightens this muscle to improve the neck contour. During your consultation, Dr. Mabourakh will discuss his surgical approach for neck muscle tightening.

Neck contouring with neck liposuction and muscle tightening can revitalize the neck and jawline for a thinner and more youthful facial appearance. These procedures offer dramatic results that are often unachievable through non-surgical treatments.

If you’re unhappy with your jawline and neck appearance, contact Folsom Plastic Surgery to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our plastic surgeon. Contact our Stockton, California, office at (209) 464-5656 or our Folsom, California, office at (916) 984-8585.

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